Pool Equipment

Ask plenty of questions.

The most basic function of a pool pump is to draw water and push water back into the pool. The length and size of pipes and plumbing the water passes through determines the size and power of the pump and motor needed. For that reason, the most important issue is sizing them correctly.

These are essential to cleaning and warming the water by circulating the water through filters. For the best possible water balance, the pump must match the size and volume of the pool. To understand how to shop for a pump for any pool, consider the following points:

  • Pool size – matching a pump to a pool can be likened to matching an air conditioner unit to a house. Consult experts to determine the correct size.
  • Efficiency varies among different pumps. Do the research and find out how efficient any given model is before you buy.
  • Energy consumption – usually a pool pump is quite energy intensive. There are, however, models that work efficiently using the least possible amount of electricity.

This is the hardest working element in any pool. Ask plenty of questions during the building process so you understand the function and importance of this piece of equipment. You can ask your builder about pump basics, as well as energy efficiency, warranty, capacity, and price.

When prioritizing pool supplies, a pump is high on the list. Don’t skimp on the pump quality just to get more expensive pool side furniture.