Waterfalls & Sheer Water Features

Treat yourself to more.

The most popular water feature is a waterfall which creates an oasis look to your pool. These will be built as a terrace area above the pool, typically out of rocks or boulders, and will recycle water into or away from the pool. This is similar to what is known as a spillover, which is a set of smaller waterfalls built out of terraces. The water will start at the highest point, spill to another step and into several levels of water for a complete effect.

If you want a different type of effect then you may consider side touches that slightly differ. For example: Bubblers, often known as spring jets, are a common option. These provide a simpler effect that make the water seem slightly uneven to allow a contrasting look to the pool. If you want something slightly more dramatic, but also economical, then laminar jets will work as well.

Laminar Jets use water to jet into a shape outside of the water to create a shape through the streams of water. These jets are often decorated with lights to accent the shape and to create an even more artistic appearance. These may work better if you have a spa type pool or one that make shifts into a wading area.