Choosing proper foliage for your pool landscaping can be one of the single most important decisions to complete your in-ground poolscape. It is important to remember not to choose any trees capable of littering your pool to the point of clogging filters and automatic pool cleaners. Deciduous trees such as cottonwood, birch, or magnolia, while beautiful, are notorious for creating more mess than pleasure for your new outdoor oasis.

What you will want to keep in mind while choosing a tree, shrub, or plant is choose something that will bloom and thrive year round. Low-water plants are also a better option as you do not have to plan for irrigation around the pool which can also prove damaging to your pool decking or equipment.

Our two recommendations for all swimming pool designs, including salt water pools, are palm type plants (including windmill and pindo palm), and cacti. Cacti is extremely easy to maintain and aesthetically beautiful to any landscaping. You will want to make sure and have all cacti at least eight feet from the pool to prevent damaging any air-up pool toys or potential poolside injury.

Contact your local plant nursery to check on their current inventory and pricing. Most importantly–have fun during your search! This experience should be fun before, during, and of course–after when you and your friends are enjoying the sun in your new pool.

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