Track Your Swim with Smart Swimming Goggles

By February 3, 2020 March 3rd, 2020 Health & Fitness
FORM smart swimming goggles

You’ve heard of smart watches, but have you tried smart swimming goggles? Smart swimming goggles can help serious swimmers track progress while they swim using a heads-up display built right into the goggles, and connect to apps that can track various swim metrics such as distance, and times.   This is relatively new tech, and the price point is pretty high, but if you are a competitive swimmer these goggles might give you an edge.

Form Swim Goggles (Retail $199)

FORM swim goggles offer an augmented reality display that delivers metrics like split times, distance, and other data, while you swim. Here is a short product video introducing FORM swim goggles.

Augmented Reality Smart Display

The see-through smart display is built right into the goggles lens, delivering metrics without obstructing your vision.  On the display, you can easily track your progress and metrics as you swim.

Design & Build

FORM swim goggles are designed with a hydrodynamic profile and built with high-grade materials, including 7 included nose bridge sizes for a watertight seal and an optimal fit. Eye seals are contoured and FDA-certified. The lenses feature a permanent and chemical-resistant anti-fog coating.

Form Swim App (Connects your goggles to your phone to track metrics)

Analyze your metrics out of the pool, customize the smart display on your FORM Swim Goggles, and connect with the FORM community.  With the app you can choose exactly what to see while you swim, after turns, and during rest. There are 12 different metrics to pick from.

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Vusix Labs Smart Swim™ Goggle attachment ($499)

If that isn’t cool enough for you, this year at CES a new competitor in the very limited smart swimming google space was introduced.  Coming in at a significantly higher price point, The Vusix Labs Smart Swim™ can be attached to your favorite goggles. Smart Swim™ is a head-up display for swimmers, providing workout status and information about their swim. This enables users to continue uninterrupted and reach optimum performance.

The Vuzix attachment includes a pool Lap Trainer that displays elapsed time, coach to swimmer connection, records workouts, provides set-distance details and other information. They also include an Open Water Trainer that adds a compass heading, current pace, distance and more. The Smart Swim uses the Android OS, has Wi-Fi, GPS, motion sensors, and Bluetooth audio. It has a built-in battery, micro USB charging, 4 button interface and full-color display.

Here is the video introducing the Vusix Labs Smart Swim™ goggles

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